Month: August 2019

ICMediaDirect – Online Reviews Pertinent For Brands

ICMediaDirect furthers that monitoring your presence online is the first factor in online reputation management. Building positive SEO, keeping abreast of company’s mentions and online reviews, and maximizing what social media accounts can do are the key underpinnings to reputation management. Richard Lorezen came forth with this in “The Impact of Online Reputation on Your Company’s Success,” approximately 70 percent of all people will look at reviews or ratings before they make a purchase. Lorezen said, “more than half of consumers use the internet to learn about a brick-and-mortar store or company before they do business with someone.”

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ICMediaDirect Displays Industry Leadership in Public Relations at Connect Conference at Miami

ICMediaDirect, a worldwide leader in the online reputation management space, joined the Connect conference held in Miami by the Search Engine Watch. Few of the top thought leaders and futurists in the online marketing industry shared their expertise on SEO, digital acquisition, brand development, and other such subject. ICMediaDirect mingled with numerous keynote speakers at the two-day conference; they proved their public relations knowledge while exhibiting how to employ new, inventive strategies to their proven marketing formula.

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ICMediaDirect Reinvents The Way People And Companies Manage Brand Information

ICMediaDirect , a public relations and online reputation management firm is changing the method by which eminent personalities and companies handle brand information. Lately, the award-winning agency revealed the primary pillars of managing online reputation while many firms are struggling to draft hands-on, engaging digital media campaigns. The company’s tactical efforts not only reduce negative publicity in search engine results, but also they have given hope to several companies and people who wish to project a positive message online. View your Online Reputation Report now, by clicking:

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ICMediaDirect Continue Brand SEO Work To Grow Image

Today’s rapidly evolving landscape bends to SEO as a key role in the establishment, development, and growth of business. As stated, “SEO has grown so important that it’s value extends beyond the search engine and even to businesses without a website,” making ICMediaDirect an incredible part of doing business. Utilizing the full availability of social media channels is one of the many targeted, organic approaches ICMediaDirect uses to drive irrelevant listings down and bring key messaging to the top of search results. The agency’s staff of marketing and PR professionals reiterate that “brands can produce a captivating online presence by creating relevant, interesting, and shareable content,” which is what they do every day for their brands.

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